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UWBPULSE is a startup committed to revolutionizing elderly care, prioritizing safety, privacy, and independence. Our flagship product, the PulseGuardian, leverages Ultra-Wideband radar technology to monitor indoor movements without requiring devices, respecting privacy. Advanced AI and machine learning enable real-time analysis, recognizing medical distress for timely alerts. As Canada’s elderly population grows, our proactive solution addresses a pressing healthcare need with global market potential, offering benefits like saving lives and reducing healthcare strain. We are poised to transform elderly monitoring, benefiting Canada and beyond.

Welcome to the future of elderly care. Welcome to UWBPULSE TECHNOLOGIES INC.

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  1. Non-Intrusive Monitoring


  2. Precision with UWB Radar Systems


  3. Advanced AI and Machine Learning Integration


Our mission is to provide elderly individuals with a sense of security and autonomy through cutting-edge technology.

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